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  • Dough Sheeters

    Model: LB50-TT/SS


    • Mechanical controls, joystick.
    • Table version (very compact), 4 adjustable cylinders
    • Manual controls.
    • 1 speed.
    • Side shelves of 500×500 mm.
    • Cylinder length 500 mm
    • Roll opening 0 – 36 mm, rolling diameter 60 mm
    • Travel speed 35 metres/minute.
    • Side shelves made of food-processed steel and allowing the product to slide.
    • Precise regulation of the thickness of the dough sheet, constant production.
    • Scrapers and supports made with specific materials (POM-C) for food use.
    • Easy disassembly and reassembly of scrapers, without tools.
    • Chrome-plated and ground steel cylinders.
    • Harvesting bin under the cylinders.
    • Frame in painted steel (epoxy).
    • Low voltage controls 24V
    • Emergency stop button type “punch”.
    • Roller protection grids, made of stainless steel.
    • Traction system, self-lubricated.
    • Top flour bin.
    • The device is built in compliance with the current CE standards.

  • Electric Convection Oven

    Model:   FMX-4136

    • Delivered with 3 cooking grids (410×310 mm) and one pastries plate in stainless steel (419×335 mm).
    • 5-position switches.
    • Regulation by thermostat 0-300°C, timer 120′ or continuous, infrared quartz integrated (patented system), lower resistance incoloy.
    • Interior lighting.
    • Removable lateral structures in stainless steel.
    • Interior chambers in stainless steel (volume 38 Lit.).
    • Glass door with double walls.
    • The bottom and all the interior pieces can be entirely dismantled!
  • Electric Conveyor Pizza Oven

    Model: FTEV40/57-CB


    • Internal dimensions 400x570xh90
    • Pizza production/hour: Ø 150 mm “80 gr.” = 130 pizzas, up to Ø 400 mm “585 gr.” = 18 pizzas (baking time 3.5 to 4 minutes)
    • 4 stainless steel feet
    • Interior and exterior construction in AISI 304 stainless steel, thermal insulation in ceramic fibre.
    • Baking tunnel: electronic regulation of temperature and travel speed. Quick warm-up, easy access for maintenance.
    • Maximum temperature 320°C.
    • Electric heating: independent power regulation (high/low).
    • Electronic “digital” control panel accessible from the front, with management of 6 baking programs, easy and quick for after-sales service.
  • Electric Deck Oven

    Model:  FT3M-18


          • Chamber: 1240x660xh180mm.
          • Capacity: 3x 600×400 mm.
          • Stackable oven modules, designed for medium productivity.
          • External construction in AISI 304 stainless steel.
          • The floor of the furnace is made of thermo diffusing steel.
          • Height of the baking vault 180 mm.
          • Ideally suited for baking on platters.
          • Mould made of AISI 430 stainless steel.
          • Heating by shielded resistors on the vault as well as under the floor of the oven.
          • Oven door with stainless steel handle, equipped with a large safety glass.
          • Oura for condensate discharge, inside the oven.
          • Digital control panel, with microprocessor, “Economy” function as standard.
          • Independent vaporizer (Optional)
          • Delivered without plates.

  • Electric Digital Convection Oven

    Model:    DFV-1011/PTS


    • Control panel TOUCH SCREEN
    • Integrated washing system AUTO-CLEANING
    • LENGTHWISE” oven for loading GN 1/3, 1/2, 2/3 and 1/1 plates.
    • Standard supplied with 2 GN 1/1 grid.
    • Compact ovens with a small footprint.
    • Direct steam by “nebulization”.
    • Convection heating: by stainless steel armoured resistors placed behind the turbine deflector.
    • Turbine(s) with “Autoreverse” device.
    • Depth loading, 67 mm spacing.
    • Hinged turbine deflector, easy maintenance. Easy after-sales service, access to controls from the side part.
    • Chamber made of AISI 304 stainless steel, rounded corners, predisposed for grease filter.
    • Integrated condensate collection tray (on the door), directly connected to the discharge.
    • Halogen light.
    • Door with double thermal glass, hinged inner glass, easy cleaning, athermic and ergonomic handle.
    • Magnetic door switch.
    • Steam condenser for condensate discharge as standard.
    • “Releasing valve” for smoke evacuation – cooking vapours.
    • AUTOCLEANING, with dosing pump for washing fluid and dosing pump for rinsing fluid.
    • Made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
    • Manufactured in line with the standards (CE) in force.

    Control panel TOUCH SCREEN

  • Electric Manual Convection Oven

    Model:   DFV-1011/P

    • Oven “LENGTHWISE” loading plates GN 1/3 ,1/2 , 2/3 et 1/1.
    • Standard supplied with 2 grids GN 1/1.
    • Compact, space-saving ovens
    • Direct steam by “nebulisation”.
    • Convection heating: by means of shielded stainless steel resistors placed behind the turbine deflector.
    • Turbine(s) with “Autoreverse” device
    • Depth loading, spacing 67 mm.
    • Easy servicing, access to controls from the side
    • Hinged turbine deflector, easy maintenance
    • Chamber made of stainless steel AISI 304, rounded corners and edges, suitable for grease filter.
    • Integrated condensate collection tray (on the door), directly connected to the discharge.
    • Allogenic light
    • Door with thermal double glazing, hinged inner pane, easy cleaning, athermic and ergonomic handle
    • Micro magnetic door
    • Steam condenser with condensate discharge as standard equipment
    • “Oura” for the evacuation of fumes – cooking vapours
    • Made of stainless steel AISI 304
    • Device built in compliance with the standards (CE) in force.
  • Electric Pizza Oven

    Model: PIZZA-QUICK/43-2C


    • Chambers for 1 pizza Ø 430 mm.
    • Fresh pizza: cooking in 3’30, frozen in 4’30.
    • Realization in stainless steel.
    • Insulation in rock wool very thick.
    • Unique concept: heating by infra-red quartz (1050°C)
    • Sole in refractory stone.
    • Very fast pre-heating (15 min.).
    • Timer 15 min. with continuous position.
    • Thermostat 0-350°C for the cooking chamber, 1 energy regulator for the sole, tensioning warning light, heating warning light.
    • Safety thermostat delivered standard.
    • Door with double insulation fitted with a cooking control porthole.
    • Appliances are complied with the CE in force.
  • Electric Pizza Oven

    Model:  GDX12/35-LDP


    • 2 chambers 1080x720xh150 mm (7,9 kW)
    • 2x 6 pizzas of diam. 350 mm (or) 2x 2 pizzas of diam. 500 mm
    • 2 ovens superposable (12+6)
    • Stainless steel chamber, bottom in refractory stone.
    • Electric evacuation valve, for smokes – steams.
    • “Halogenous” lighting, built-in, “high T°”.
    • Offset door, “panoramic” porthole in safety glass.
    • Heating by shielded electric elements in stainless steel, placed under the bottom and on the vault of the oven, stainless steel arch avoiding temperature drop while opening the door.
    • “Independent” control panel, removable, easier after-sales service, cooling fan.
  • Electric Pizza Oven

    Model:    LD12/35XL-N


    • 2 Chambers: 1050x700x150 mm (9 kW), 6 pizzas Ø 350 mm.
    • 2 ovens superposable (12+6 )
    • Stainless steel front side, “decorative” removablehood, independent and “ergonomic” switch panel in painted steel.
    • Bottom refractory stones chamber, high thickness fibreglass insulation.
    • Adjustable steam exhauster, against shock built-in inner light, suitable for high temperatures 500°C.
    • Door with spring system hinge, double thermal handle, large dimensions safety door glass, gasket in ceramic fibreglass.
    • Heating by armoured electric elements in stainless steel.
    • Temperature setting (400°C).
    • Appliances are complied with the CE in force.
  • Gas BBQ

    Model:  CBQ-075/BK


    • Regulation on 6 levels, possibility GN 1/1 + GN 2/4.
    • Production 75 Kg / h (recommended for 115 people).
    • Power expressed in Kw: 4,5.
    • Carrying capacity in coal 4,5Kg.
    • Standard equipment: one meat tongs, 1 scraper and 1 grid in “O” shape (685×535 mm).
    • Exterior finish in stainless steel, interior finish in stainless steel and cast iron.
    • Fully insulated oven.
    • Isolation system (patented) which decreases the temperature in contact with the oven (+/- 60 ° C) and the reduction of energy consumption (25% reduction of coal consumption!).
    • Door hinged, tilting, with large windows (high temperature 750 ° C), allowing excellent visibility inside is possible and no need to open the door so often.
    • Grease trap integrated, with drawer.
    • Ash tray (removable).
    • Analog thermometer.
    • An integrated firewall.
    • External air flow regulator integrated into the chimney.
    • Delivered with 4 adjustable feet.
    • Regulation on 6 levels, possibility GN 1/1 + GN 2/4.Production 75 Kg / h (recommended for 115 people).

  • Gas Digital Convection Oven Touch Screen

    Model:    SBGT/10-CL


    • Functies (versie A):
      Perfect bakken dankzij de “intelligente” stoomcontrole (CCHY).
      – 20 programma’s voorgeselecteerd en 100 vrije.
      – Automatische voorverwarming van de bakkamer.
      – Thermostaat van 25 tot 300°C.
      – Timer van 1 min tot 8 h met CCRT functie, specifiek voor het bakken op lage temperatuur (CCBT), die de resterende tijd inschat om het bakken te beëindigen.
      – Controle met een sonde met 6 voelers.
      – Automatische snelkoeling van de bakkamer (CCRR).
      – Automatisch reinigingssysteem (CCNA).
    • Stoomproductie :
      Stoomgeneratie met boiler, ideaal om een perfect bakresultaat te garanderen, homogeen en besparend. Standaard uitgerust met
      een stoomcondensor die de temperatuur vermindert van het condenswater bij de afvoer en die verhindert dat de stoom ontsnapt
      bij het openen van de deur.
    • HACCP:
      Mogelijkheid tot het opvragen van de kookgegevens, ofwel met de printer van de oven (in optie) of onmiddellijk op een computer.
    • Technische eigenschappen:
      – Binnen- en buitenconstructie in RVS AISI 304, thermische isolatie met keramische vezels.
      – Bakkamer: volledig gelast, volledig waterdicht, afgeronde hoeken zonder ruwe oppervlakten. Dichting bevestigd op de voorkant van de bakkamer. Diepgetrokken bodem die de condensatie opvangt naar de afvoer toe. Draagstruktuur voor bakplaten gemakkelijk uitneembaar. Warmteverdelers gemakkelijk te demonteren. Gemotoriseerde luchtafvoer met brede afmetingen om alle bakmethoden mogelijk te maken. Halogeenverlichting op de zijkant die een globaal zicht geeft op de bakkamer. Het unieke concept van de bakkamer gekoppeld aan een ventilator op de zijkant in RVS AISI 304 (CCRR) met 2 versnellingen, garandeert een gelijkvormige verdeling van de warmte. Een functie “behoud” (ventilatie met impuls) laat toe om warm te houden of traag te bakken.
      – Deur met dubbel glas: ergonomisch en warmtewerend handvat, automatische sluiting met beveiliging om toevallig openen te vermijden, condenswateropvang ingebouwd in de deur, binnenruit gemonteerd op scharnieren om het reinigen te vereenvoudigen en een perfecte hygiëne te garanderen. Een luchtcirculatie tussen de ruiten garandeert een betere warmte-isolatie. Automatische schakelaar om te ventilator te stoppen bij het openen.
      – Verwarming met gas: nieuwe gasbranders (kamer en stoomgenerator) en geribde warmteverdeler die de warmteoverdracht nog meer bevordert. Zij zorgen ervoor om tot 20% gasverbruik te besparen en een vermindering van 20% aan verbrande gassen. Gastec certificaat.
      – Bedieningspaneel met digitale aflezing: duidelijk en logisch concept, met toegankelijkheid aan de voorzijde, eenvoudig en snel toegankelijk voor de technieker, waterdicht “IPX5.
      – Toebehoren inbegrepen: struktuur met vertikale pas van 65 mm “anti-omkantelbaar”, sonde met 6 voelers, sproeikraan”met oproller ingebouwd.
    • NB: geleverd zonder roosters.

  • Gas Pastry and Bread Ovens

    Model:  FPG-8N


          • Gas version.
          • Capacity: 8x 600x400mm.
          • Unit of stacking ovens, gas or electric models, created for low or middle productivities.
          • Designed outside in chromium-nickel-steel AISI 304.
          • Aesthetically pleasing, ideal for the cooking showcase.
          • Cooking chamber designed in chromium-nickel-steel AISI 304.
          • Shielded element heating.
          • Uniform distribution of the heating tanks to openings in the cooking chamber, at plates level.
          • Door with a thermal handle, fitted with a large security glass.
          • Evacuation oura for the condensate, inside the oven.
          • Control with electronic regulation of the T°.
          • Temperature from 50°C to 300 C°.
          • Interior lighting.
          • Automatic or manual humidifier.
          • Electric models: every oven is switchable in 230V/3.
          • Delivered without plates

  • Gas Rotary Oven for Bakery and Pastry

    Model:   FRM/4E-F


          • – Gas model.
            – In option : Trolley 15 or 18x 450×650 mm (or) 15 or 18x 500×700 mm, burner (gas or fuel oil) as well as the trolley inside (not delivered with the oven).- Designed for high productivity, double quick to put inside and to take off.
            – Façade in chromium-nickel-steel AISI 304.
            – Steel heat exchanger “high productivity”, very low energy consumption.
            – Turning chariot, hanging for the upper chariot.
            – Cooking chamber, designed in chromium-nickel-steel AISI 304.
            – Oven door with thermal handle, security device and large security glass.
            – Standard vacuum for the evacuation of the condensate.
            – Analogical directive panel, control with electronic regulation of the temperature from 50° to 300°C.
            – Interior lighting.
            – Spray incorporated (standard delivered).

  • Kneading Machines

    Model: PBP-25/MVV


    • Variable speed (from 35 to 60 movements per minute)
    • Production capacity 5 to 23 kg (40 Lt)
    • Flour capacity 3 to 15 kg
    • Timer supplied as standard
    • Tank Ø 425xh295 mm
    • Analog control panel with low voltage 24 V (IP55).
    • Traction by gears made of nylon (high hardness), very quiet operation.
    • All moving parts are mounted on spherical bearings
    • Emergency stop button type “punch”.
    • Frame in epoxy painted steel, very thick.
    • Tank, plunging arms in thick AISI 304 stainless steel.
    • Protective plexiglass, with safety device by microswitch.
    • Comes standard with 2 fixed rear nylon wheels and 1 swivel wheel and 2 adjustable cylinders at the front.
    • The device is built in compliance with the current CE standards.