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Pizza Oven

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  • Electric Conveyor Pizza Oven

    Model: FTEV40/57-CB


    • Internal dimensions 400x570xh90
    • Pizza production/hour: Ø 150 mm “80 gr.” = 130 pizzas, up to Ø 400 mm “585 gr.” = 18 pizzas (baking time 3.5 to 4 minutes)
    • 4 stainless steel feet
    • Interior and exterior construction in AISI 304 stainless steel, thermal insulation in ceramic fibre.
    • Baking tunnel: electronic regulation of temperature and travel speed. Quick warm-up, easy access for maintenance.
    • Maximum temperature 320°C.
    • Electric heating: independent power regulation (high/low).
    • Electronic “digital” control panel accessible from the front, with management of 6 baking programs, easy and quick for after-sales service.
  • Electric Pizza Oven

    Model:    LD12/35XL-N


    • 2 Chambers: 1050x700x150 mm (9 kW), 6 pizzas Ø 350 mm.
    • 2 ovens superposable (12+6 )
    • Stainless steel front side, “decorative” removablehood, independent and “ergonomic” switch panel in painted steel.
    • Bottom refractory stones chamber, high thickness fibreglass insulation.
    • Adjustable steam exhauster, against shock built-in inner light, suitable for high temperatures 500°C.
    • Door with spring system hinge, double thermal handle, large dimensions safety door glass, gasket in ceramic fibreglass.
    • Heating by armoured electric elements in stainless steel.
    • Temperature setting (400°C).
    • Appliances are complied with the CE in force.
  • Electric Pizza Oven

    Model:  GDX12/35-LDP


    • 2 chambers 1080x720xh150 mm (7,9 kW)
    • 2x 6 pizzas of diam. 350 mm (or) 2x 2 pizzas of diam. 500 mm
    • 2 ovens superposable (12+6)
    • Stainless steel chamber, bottom in refractory stone.
    • Electric evacuation valve, for smokes – steams.
    • “Halogenous” lighting, built-in, “high T°”.
    • Offset door, “panoramic” porthole in safety glass.
    • Heating by shielded electric elements in stainless steel, placed under the bottom and on the vault of the oven, stainless steel arch avoiding temperature drop while opening the door.
    • “Independent” control panel, removable, easier after-sales service, cooling fan.
  • Electric Pizza Oven

    Model: PIZZA-QUICK/43-2C


    • Chambers for 1 pizza Ø 430 mm.
    • Fresh pizza: cooking in 3’30, frozen in 4’30.
    • Realization in stainless steel.
    • Insulation in rock wool very thick.
    • Unique concept: heating by infra-red quartz (1050°C)
    • Sole in refractory stone.
    • Very fast pre-heating (15 min.).
    • Timer 15 min. with continuous position.
    • Thermostat 0-350°C for the cooking chamber, 1 energy regulator for the sole, tensioning warning light, heating warning light.
    • Safety thermostat delivered standard.
    • Door with double insulation fitted with a cooking control porthole.
    • Appliances are complied with the CE in force.