Spiral Mixers

Spiral Mixers

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  • Spiral Mixers

    Model: PSB-82MI/2V


    • Production capacity 80 kg (130 Lt)
    • Flour capacity 53 kg
    • 2 speeds, automatically adjustable (Spiral: 1st Speed 112 rpm and 2nd Speed 230 rpm) & (Tank: 16 rpm)
    • 2 electronic timers, for the automatic management of each speed.
    • 2 independent motors, one for the tank and one for the spiral
    • Device for pulse rotation of the tank and reversal of the direction of rotation of the tank.
    • Tank Ø 700xh370 mm
    • Control panel, low voltage 24 V. (IP55).
    • Motors with pulley transmissions.
    • Emergency stop button type “punch”.
    • Frame in epoxy painted steel, very thick.
    • Tank, spiral, tool shaft and dividing share are made of thick AISI 304 stainless steel.
    • Stainless steel spiral connection unit, waterproof and very solid.
    • Stainless steel tank protection grid with microswitch device.
    • Comes standard with 2 fixed rear nylon wheels and 1 swivel wheel and 2 adjustable cylinders at the front.
    • The device is built in compliance with the current CE standards.