Cutlery Polisher

Cutlery Polisher

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  • Cutlery Polisher

    Model: MCX/3T-PH


    • Professional machine for wiping and polishing cutlery taken out of the dishwasher.
    • Ideally designed for medium and small catering activities.
    • Productivity 60 covers per minute.
    • Made of stainless steel.
    • Molded ABS tank.
    • Quantity of ecological granules in vat 3 kg.
    • Foldable” holder for standard receiving tray
    • With UV lamp as standard, for sterilizing cutlery.
    • Hot air fan at “end of stroke”.
    • Supplied with 3 kg of vegetable granulate and 1 PVC receiving tray.
    • The enveloping action of the vegetable aggregate (ecological)inside the vibrating circular tank,associated the action of raysUV, makes it possible to obtain forks and spoons of a uniformbrightness like eliminating the traces from limestone and the bacteria.