Santos 10 Liter Dough Mixer 18

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  • Santos 10 Liter Dough Mixer 18

    Model: 18


    This dough mixer kneads bread dough according to the perfect French tradition. 

    • Thanks to its commercial asynchronous motor, heavy duty and silent, it kneads up to 4kg of hard dough in around 15 minutes (ex: bread or pizza dough).
    • Equipped with a 10 liter stainless steel bowl, it is perfect for pizzerias and bakeries wishing to knead small quanitties of dough.
    • Its helical fork is designed for a powerful and efficient mixing and offers a perfect oxygenation of the dough.
    • The mixer has a transparent cover to work in complete safety (machine stops when opening the cover) and there is a side gap to add ingredients safely during kneading.
    • Easy to clean: all parts in contact with food are removable.

    100% manufactured in France, since 1954



    • Speed: 1500 rpm (50 Hz)
    • 230V Specifications: 220 -240 V – 50/60 Hz – 600W
    • Fork Speed: 70 rpm (50 Hz)



  • Whisk Mixers

    Model: HBM-12B/VV


    • Mixer-blender, table model
    • 10 liters
    • Variable speed
    • Variable speed (Min. 53 rpm & Max. 517 rpm), with Inverter.
    • Timer from 0 to 30 minutes or continuous
    • Standard accessories: whisk, spatula, hook and 10 L stainless steel tank.
    • Table versions.
    • Frame in painted steel (epoxy), upper cover in ABS, 4 lower cylinders for levelling.
    • Fixed tank, automatic locking in working position.
    • Protective plexiglass with safety device by microswitch.
    • All parts in contact with the tank are made of stainless steel.
    • Easy insertion and removal of utensils.
    • When the machine stops, the rotation of the tool is slowed down.
    • Emergency stop button type “punch”.
    • Powerful motor, pulley transmission.
    • Stainless steel utensil connection unit, waterproof, very solid.
    • Inking utensils with security.
    • Traction systems made of stainless steel, very quiet (self-lubricating).
    • The device is built in compliance with the current CE standards.