Big Cold Rooms

Model: HP200-NP


  • “By-block”
  • Voltage – 400/3N 50Hz
  • Temperature -5°+5°
  • 2.26 kw

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  • Average capacity 53,11 m³ (inner T° -20° C & outer T° +32° C)
  • Equipped with a high pressure switch (fixed calibration) (C-PMAX).
  • By design, the condensing unit is ideal for outdoor installation and can be placed anywhere, floor, ceiling, wall,… Hoses (pre-loaded) and cables are provided for connection within a radius of 5 meters (optional 10 meters).
  • All units are equipped with a low pressure switch (fixed calibration), as well as cables for a door and light microswitch (not supplied).
  • Separate “digital” control panel, connected to the unit by a 5 m cable, function control by microprocessor.
  • Automatic defrosting, water flow located below the evaporator. The evaporator drain pipe is equipped with a resistor to prevent ice formation.
  • Group certified in climate class 5 (40°C Temperature – 40% Humidity).
  • Refrigerant gas R452a.


Attention: as standard, the ideal ambient operating temperature must not be lower than 10°C, otherwise, provide: a compressor preheating (H-PR), a pressure switch for the condenser fan (H-PVC) and a heated electrical panel (H-TEC).

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Weight 129 kg
Dimensions 856 × 596 × 586 cm


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