Blast Freezers & Chiller

Model: DBT201/TS-GR


  • TOUCH SCREEN 20x GN1/1 (or) 600×400
  • Voltage : 400/3N 50Hz
  • Temperature : +70°-18°
  • Temperature : +70°+3°
  • 0.55 Kw

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  • Predisposed for remote compressor unit (not included).
  • Electrical panel placed above the cell (supplied as standard)
  • Door (non-reversible) with handle.
  • Maximum” dimensions of the trolley: 720x900xh1880
  • Insulation 80 mm thickness.
  • TOUCH SCREEN” controls, high definition color touch screen, allowing the user to customize all major functions.
  • 4 cycles to choose from “Soft Chill” or “Soft Freeze” for delicate products, “Hard-Chill” or “Hard-Freeze” for large parts, timer control with bell at the end of the cycle (or) core probe control, with also the holding function at the end of the cycle and alarm device (visual or acoustic), 99 memorable programs, selection in more than 20 operating cycles, automatic cycle,… (See PLUS), display on the front panel.
  • Structure assembled by panels, locking by incorporated “eccentric” hooks, internal and external construction in food grade stainless steel (AISI 304).
  • Stainless steel inner bottom, angles and corners (without rough edges).
  • Door with ergonomic handle, closing by means of a “pressure” magnetic seal (easy replacement, no tools required), counter-door with heating resistance, preventing frost formation (Freeze function).
  • Stainless steel ramp, to retract the trolleys (easy transfer).
  • Door microswitch device, allowing the evaporator fan to stop when it is opened.
  • Compressor unit (delivered separately).
  • Ventilated evaporator (oversized), treated against salt and food acids, completely hidden (not visible), fan motor IP45.
  • Manual or automatic defrosting (beginning of cycle).
  • Injected polyurethane insulation (CFC-free).
  • The equipment is manufactured following the (CE) standards in force.


Very intuitive TOUCH SCREEN controls, quick cooling and freezing cycles 100% customizable. Strict temperature control and ventilation. Pre-cooling of the cells as desired. Specific cycle for ice cream or raw fish (Carpaccio, Sushi, Sashimi,…). Recipes/programs subdivided by product type. 99 programs can be stored. Possibility to download all data and recipes/programs with USB sticks, …


  • GOLD line PLUS The choice of excellence in your work, a preservation of the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of all your food, the same quality, the same taste, the same consistency as fresh food!…..while saving time and money. In cold connection, food safety requires a basic principle: C.A.D. the passage of the core temperature from +70°C to +3°C in 90 minutes (UK standard) or +65°C to +10°C in 110 minutes (NF standard) and from +70°C to -18°C in 240 minutes (UK standard) or +65°C to -18°C in 270 minutes (NF standard), Diamond cells guarantee you compliance with all these obligations.

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Weight 285 kg
Dimensions 1350 × 1230 × 2190 cm