Blast Freezers & Chiller

Model: CBT51/NT


  • 5x GN1/1 OR 600×400 TS
  • Voltage : 230/1N 50HZ
  • Temperature : +70°-18°
  • Temperature : +70°+3°
  • 0.79 Kw

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  • Capacity: 5x GN 1/1 (or) 5x EN 600×400 mm (supplied: 1x GN 1/1 grid)
  • Production per cycle: 18 Kg ( +70°C +3°C) or 12 Kg ( +70°C -18°C)
  • Core probe as standard
  • “Anti-tilt” structure in stainless steel wire (removable), spacing for 67 mm plates
  • Reversible door (on request: Kit left hinges) with integrated handle (not protruding)
  • Hinges (right) with automatic return (90° locking).
  • Insulation 60 mm thick.
  • 4 adjustable stainless steel feet.
  • TOUCH SCREEN” controls 5″ screen, high definition color touch screen, allowing the user to customize all major functions.
  • 4 cycles to choose from “Soft Chill” or “Soft Freeze” for delicate products, “Hard-Chill” or “Hard-Freeze” for large parts, timer control with bell at the end of the cycle (or) core probe control, with also the holding function at the end of the cycle and alarm device (visual).
  • Monobloc structure, made of stainless steel (food grade), inside (AISI 304) and outside (AISI 304-430)
  • Deep-drawn inner bottom, rounded corners and angles (without roughness), with drain plug (heavy maintenance)
  • Door with “pressure” magnetic seal (easy replacement, no tools required), counter-door with heating resistor, preventing frost formation (Freeze function)
  • Door microswitch device, allowing the evaporator fan to stop when it is opened
  • Compressor unit in climate class 4, incorporated in the cabinet (front accessibility), ventilated condenser
  • Refrigerant R404A (or R452A)
  • Ventilated evaporator (oversized), treated against salt and food acids, completely hidden (not visible), fan motor IP45
  • Manual or automatic defrosting (beginning of cycle), with self-evaporation of condensate
  • Injected polyurethane insulation (CFC-free)
  • The equipment is manufactured following the (CE) standards in force.


– TOUCH SCREEN controls, very intuitive navigation, 5″ screen, standard quick cooling or freezing cycles, each cycle can be 100% customizable. Control by time or temperature. Specific cycle such as continuous cycle, fish, ice cream ICE SOFT and ICE HARD and UV cycle to disinfect the cell. HACCP reports can be easily consulted. Visualization of data, events, such as high temperature alarms, undervoltage and exceeding the maximum cycle time. Alarms can be viewed directly or downloaded in.txt format on a USB pen (a USB port is available as an option). Display in 6 languages to choose from: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch).


  • In cold connection, food safety requires a basic principle: C.A.D. the passage of the core temperature from +70°C to +3°C in 90 minutes (UK standard) or +65°C to +10°C in 110 minutes (NF standard) and from +70°C to -18°C in 240 minutes (UK standard) or +65°C to -18°C in 270 minutes (NF standard), Diamond cells guarantee you compliance with all these obligations. The unique design of the enclosure, coupled with the fan(s), ensures temperature homogeneity and prevents drying out and frost formation on the food surface.

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Weight 116 kg
Dimensions 790 × 830 × 880 cm